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Shopping Lists of How to Get Rid of Ants

Shopping Lists of How to Get Rid of Ants - This is a very simple solution to get rid of ants. The ants can be handled with a simple solution. It may be the dorm mates and we may use in how to get rid of ants invasion of the hall. There may be a lot of disturbing ants in our hall. We will think of it less as a biological warfare. But, they often come to some corners in the house. They are after our foodstuff. They are also crawling in our bed. They are almost in everywhere. This guide is a great solution to take care of how to get rid of ants. Ants will be gone with this. The ants in our house must be taken away. We have to do that especially, if we do not know where they come from. They might come from anywhere. It is low mess. It also takes a very little space. But, it is disturbing if it continues. There is a little bit post mortem clean, that’s bad. It also includes the other general solutions and tips.

Here are the shopping lists on how to get rid of ants

•    First, we need a container of borax.
•    Then, we also need some jelly or jam.
•    Next, we need a container lid.
•    Then, we need a mixing bowl or cup too.
•    The last, we need a spoon.

When all is ready, we can start to take our cup or bowl, our spoon, the borax and jelly. Take all of those tools first. We will want the solution to consist of less than 5% borax. The borax is no more than 5%. The easiest way is to take ten spoonfuls of jelly. This will be help. Then, we put them in the cup or the bowl. Use a bowl to put them. Then, we will want the half a spoonful of borax. Just take a half spoonful. This recipe can be extended of twenty spoonfuls jelly and one of borax. Remember this comparison. That is the recipe if we need that much. We can adjust the recipe with the same comparison. Then, we mix it well. We have to be deceitful. When everything is mixed, we have to spoon the jelly into the soda caps. The shallow lid should work as well. But, the soda cap is small. It is easy to put out of the way. That's all what we need to use on how to get rid of ants.

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